How to create a doTerra account 

(how to register, how to enroll and order)

The main purpose of registering as a doTerra member is to allow you to order and manage your product by yourself, directly from the manufacturer, benefiting from all the qualities / advantages of being a doTerra member (the lowest price and the security of payments, deliveries and of the purchased products)

At the bottom of the page you have some links to check available enrollments kits, the price list of all doTerra products as well as a catalog of products. (please note that, depending of your destination country, and VAT you will have another price list available, please ask me and I will give you all the information's needed). Enjoy :)

How to enroll doTerra - create an account, register and order
How to enroll doTerra - create an account, register and order

A doTerra account creation is very simple and intuitive by filling all the data that the site requires after accessing the registration button below:

Create a doTerra account on your phone, tablet or computer, at home, on vacation, in the park or wherever you are :). Because it is simple, convenient, advantageous

Register, step by step:

1) Click on REGISTER DOTTERA button (or bellow link) and you will be directed to a page on the doTERRA website platform: 

2) Choose the language (what is your preferred language): English

  • Choose location (Where will your product be shipped): Europe (if you are from other zone, choose your zone)
  • At this moment, the list of countries in Europe will open, choose your country.
  • Press: Continue

3) A window will open with 2 options: Wholesale Customer and Wellness Advocate. I recommend choosing the first option if you want ordering products only for yourself or choose the 2nd option if you want to be a Consultant, register friends and benefit from advantages. You can choose the first option and switch later or at any time to the second option (Whenever you want, from your account, without any other investment, by clicking on a button, you can change your status from Consumer to Consultant). Click Continue

4) Now you have to enter your personale data: name, adress, phone number, email adress, birth date, time zone. Important: **do not use diacritics at all, the system does not recognize them and will give you error.**  . Check: "My Shipping address is the same as my mailing address"

 5) In the section: "please enter sponsor ID" make sure that "Enroller ID" is: 6617131. If not, complete this number manually: 6617131

Click: Verify ID and the system will indicate my name "Ruxanda, Rodica"

6) Create a password for doTerra account, (remember that this password will be used in the future when you access your doTerra account) 

(The password must have 8 to 15 letters and numbers, at leasta 1 Capital letter, at leasta 1 Lower Case letter, at least 1 number). The system will indicate in green if you respected these requests.

- Then you must check "I hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions" and press "Continue

7) Now choose the enrollment kit: you will indicate the package code (For example for Home Essential Kit, the code is 60207351). As in the image below, click on the package and it will appear in the cart. If you want to order other kits or individual products, enter a few letters of their name (or their code) and you will be able to select them.

• If you want to create an account (place a doTERRA order) by paying the fee of € 23.75, then add to the cart "Essential Booklet + Enrollment Fee" (# 60208099), and then add to the cart the products you want. When you order a doTERRA predefined enrollment kit this package is free.

8) In case, besides the kit, you also want other additional products, you can write their names on the screen and the system proposes them to you (example "Balance" in the screen below, refers to the Balance blend at 15ml)

9) By default the delivery method is Standard. Another alternative is Premium. Leave standard and the shipping cost will be 8.33 EUR (regardless of weight) with DPD. Preliminary shipping is 10.8 EUR (regardless of weight) with UPS, VAT included (cost and shipping company is different for each country!)

10) Click on "View Totals" to see the price with transport

11) For payment information, click "My billing address is the same as my shipping address" .

Payment method : Credit/debit card if you want to pay with the card

Or choose: Wire transfer if you want to transfer at the bank or online  (but pay attention that with this method you will delay the shipping because of the transfer time)

Click on the "Process order now and continue" button 

12) A window will open where you will have to enter the card data. The card number, from 16 digits grouped by 4, is entered without spaces, and the expiration year is entered with 4 digits (eg 09/2022, not 09/22). You can find the security code on the back of the card - these are the 3 digits on the far right

• Important: Your order will be processed only if you have enough money on your card when you place the order.

13) At this moment the creation of the doTERRA account has been completed (you will receive an email with order confirmation)

14) You are asked if you choose to preset an LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) command. You can choose "no" and preset it later, or you can preset it on the spot. Even if you choose NO, you can return later, in the next days set your LRP. If you choose to preset an LRP order, click "YES" and choose at least 125PV, on the first 15 days of the following month, because on this loyalty program you have access to all the benefits. 

15) At the end of the successful registration you will receive an email from doTerra and I will contact you personally to continue to guide you in the use of essential oils (you can contact me before by completing the contact form or sms/whatsapp at (+40) 0724 820 990.

16) Keep the email that contains the login data (ID and password). You will use them every time you place orders

Contact me anytime for support and guidance using the contact form or at (+40) 0724820990 (Rodica Ruxanda)